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Mexico Desert Sheep Hunt

Donor: Emilio Rangel-Woodyard - La Palmosa Ranch

Fair Market Value: $65,000


Don’t miss this opportunity to hunt giant Desert Bighorn Sheep through La Palmosa in Cuatrocienegas, Coahuila, Mexico. The 100,000 acre La Palmosa Ranch is the result of a vision to restore native wildlife to the Chihuahuan desert of northern Coahuila and non-game species and to enhance and protect the biodiversity of native flora and fauna. 


At La Palmosa you can hunt mesa and mountain topography ranging from 4,200' to 8,600' in elevation. Ranch headquarters is an immaculate five-star lodge with individual casitas lavishly appointed with exceptional artwork and Sante Fe-inspired antique furnishings or the enjoyment of family and friends.


Spanish hospitality, plush lodging, gourmet Mexican cuisine, and a spa elevate the comfort level on this trophy desert bighorn sheep hunt. The successful bidder will enjoy world-class accommodations, including private villas for all guests, meals by a full-time chef, a private spa, and a lodge with bar, poker and pool tables, and two dining rooms. 


Transportation during the hunt will include Jeeps and UTV’s. The 7-day, free range hunt is planned for October 27 to November 3, 2019. If necessary dates can be moved to a further date, pending availability. You could realistically expect to see rams that range from 174 to 182". 


The hunt includes one non-hunting guest; other non-hunters are welcome at the on-going rate. Hunt includes trophy fees, CITES fees, exportation brokerage fees to the US, and shipping of your trophy anywhere In the US. Helicopter pickup at the airport is available as an add-on.



Yukon Mountain Caribou Hunt

10-Day Yukon Mountain Caribou Hunt

Donor: Jarrett Deuling, Deuling Stone Outfitters, Ltd.

Fair Market Value: $21,000


This 10-day rifle hunt is in an exclusive hunting area–Yukon Concession No. 9. It is a one-on-one guided hunt. You will be hunting by boat or stalking on the ground. This area holds the most diverse population of big game in the Yukon. Nearly one quarter of the area has never been hunted. The Deuling Stone Outfitters crew consists of experienced friends and family members who are familiar with the territory and will provide you with a first-class hunting adventure. The hunting territory covers 10,000 square miles of wilderness. Elevations vary from 3,500 feet to 10,000 feet and include some of the most remote and beautiful country in the North. This area is known for its quality Stone’s sheep, Alaska-Yukon moose, Dall’s sheep, exceptional mountain caribou, grizzly bear, black bear, wolf and wolverine. Their goal is to give you a Yukon adventure that will be one of the best events of your life. The Yukon is one of the last untouched paradises on Earth. Experience the hunt of a lifetime with Deuling Stone Outfitters.


Base camps are located at key points throughout the area and give access to all of the mountain ranges. These camps are the arrival and departure points of the area and are accessible only by floatplane. Accommodations include wall tents or cabins, which are equipped with beds and heaters. Each camp has a cook and an excellent supply of food. At base camp, clients are supplied with tents, food and other necessary equipment for the hunting trip.

Permit Requirements: No draws are necessary however the cost of licenses and other fees will be about $1,225. Also an air charter fee will apply which will be about $2,300.

Accommodations: Tent camp or cabin; all meals are included

Travel Details: Fly into Whitehorse, Yukon; transportation from the airport is included

Hunt Dates: August 24 - September 5, 2020

Upgrade Options: Additional hunter $21,000, non-hunter $5,000

Type of Weapon: Rifle

Additional Animals: Moose, caribou, grizzly bear, black bear, wolf and wolverine can be added as per 2020 price list



Jarrett Deuling

Deuling Stone Outfitters, Ltd.

26 Wann Rd

Whitehorse, YK  Y1A 5K9





Oregon Roosevelt's Elk Hunt

Donor: John McCollum – Eden Ridge Outfitters

Fair Market Value: $12,500


Eden Ridge Outfitters is in the heart of Roosevelt’s elk country and has taken clients to several B&C record book elk.


We'll have some really good out of the way places to hunt for these elk. We prefer to get up to higher ground and glass. This is mostly brushy country with a lot of old roads to sneak in on. We have high success rates on this hunt and have taken Roosevelt bulls over 350 inches.


Alberta is a sleeper for great mule deer and we have some monsters. Most of Alberta is on draw for mule deer and with limited pressure and great habitat big bucks result. We have mule deer in the 140”-200” class and our clients usually see large herds. Most mule deer hunts are conducted by stalking or stand hunting near crop land or logging blocks. If you’re looking for a massive Muley look no further.


Bow Hunts run from late August to the end of October. Hunts with other weapons run through November. Nonresidents are guaranteed tags with no draw through Savage Encounters.


6-Day Alberta Mule Deer Hunt

Donor: Savage Encounters Inc.

Fair Market Value: $7,500

Alberta Prairie Pronghorn Hunt

Donor: Billy Franklin, Silver Sage Outfitters

Fair Market Value: $4,500

This hunt will be conducted in the game rich Prairie Region of Alberta, Canada approximately 100 miles southeast of Calgary in and around either the Red Deer or Bow River valleys. Silver Sage Outfitters offers some of the best pronghorn hunting in North America.


The early antelope rifle season in Alberta is typically the last week of September and is conducted in our northern zones. The antelope rut is in full swing and the big, territorial herd bucks that you'll be targeting will be tending their harem and fighting off interlopers bent on stealing their does.


The second antelope rifle season is typically the third week of October and takes place in our southern zones, just north of the Montana border. The hunt dynamics are markedly different from our September hunt as the rut is over and the antelope tend to be in much larger, mixed-sex groups, sometimes numbering 50-plus animals.


Antelope tend to move a lot this time of year, some covering huge distances daily to reach the vast wintering areas in the southern portion of the province. It is not uncommon to see upwards of 250 antelope, one-third of them bucks, in a full day of hunting. It may make for a little longer hunt, but your chance at a true trophy is excellent during this late season. Oftentimes the No. 1 antelope for the province is taken by someone hunting the southern zones in October.


Southern Alberta is one of the archery world's best kept secrets. In addition to outstanding trophy antelope, both deer species reside here in good numbers and are very accessible to the serious trophy hunter. This allows Silver Sage Outfitters to offer unique multiple species archery hunts in September. Our strategies include ground blinds at water holes, decoying and spot and stalk.


Permit Requirements: No draws are necessary however the cost of licensing is approximately $300 for rifle hunts and $500 for bow hunts

Accommodations:  Hunter is responsible for accommodations in a local hotel, lunches and dinners are included during the hunt

Travel Details: Travel to Brooks, Alberta

Hunt Dates:  Rifle hunts (3 Days): September 28-October 3, 2020 or October 19-24, 2020

Bow hunts (5 Days): September 1-26, 2020 (contact outfitter for dates)

Upgrade Options:  Additional hunter $4,500, additional non-hunter $1,000

Type of Weapon:  Rifle or Bow



Billy Franklin

Silver Sage Outfitters

Box 533

Duchess, AB T0J 0Z0





7-Day Alaska Sitka Blacktail Deer Hunt

Donor: David Benitz, Stikine Guide Service

Fair Market Value: $6,500

Stikine Guide Service is a family-run business based out of Petersburg, Alaska. David is an Alaska Master Guide with more than 20 years of experience. His family takes great pride in sharing their knowledge of the beautiful Alaskan wilderness and offer premier hunting opportunities.


Hunts for Sitka blacktail deer are one-on-one and conducted during the rut in November. We hunt these deer in a variety of ways but calling is our favorite and most productive. The trophy quality is very good in this area.

Permit Requirements: Buy licenses on-site

Accommodations: We will be staying on and hunting from a 43 foot boat. Buyer is responsible for accommodations before and after the hunt

Travel Details: Fly into Petersburg, Alaska; transportation from the airport is included

Hunt Dates: November 2019 or 2020

Type of Weapon: Rifle or Bow

Additional Animals: Up to 5 wolves at no extra fee



David Benitz





5-Day British Columbia Black Bear Hunt

Donor: Nick Yarish, Chilcotin River Outfitters

Fair Market Value: $4,600

This is a 5-day spot-and-stalk hunt. You will hunt from boat or 4x4 vehicles in rolling grassy hills and south-facing slopes all along the lakeshore where our camp is located. We will take 4x4s down old logging roads to hunt the slashes and meadows. We don’t like to take any bears under the 6-foot mark; we get a few in the 7 to 8-foot mark every year.

Permit Requirements: No draws are necessary however the cost of licenses and other fees will be approximately $180 for license and $180 per bear tag

Accommodations: Main lodge with guest cabins; all meals are included

Travel Details: Fly into Prince George, BC; transportation from the airport is included

Hunt Dates: May or June 2020

Type of Weapon: Rifle or Bow

Additional Animals: 2nd black bear ($1,000), wolf ($50 for tag)



Nick Yarish

Chilcotin River Outfitters

2047 Grandview Ave

Lumby, BC  V0E 2G0




7-Day British Columbia Mountain Goat and Canada Moose Hunt

Donor: Darwin Cary, Scoop Lake Outfitters

Fair Market Value: $18,900

Mountain Goat Hunting

Scoop Lake Outfitters’ 2.5 million acres of exclusive guide area is home to one of the largest mountain goat populations in British Columbia. Most of our hunts are by horseback, and clients enjoy well-equipped warm, comfortable cabins. You will spend a large portion of your time riding, glassing and trying to get above your goat.


Because of our geographic location in northern BC, our goats have excellent hair. Our goats average 9 to 9½ inches. We hunt all our game (except elk) in similar terrain around the 4,500 to 5,000-foot elevation.


At Scoop Lake preference is made to harvest only billy goats. Regulations allow harvest of nannies or billies, but due to our self-imposed billy harvest, we have one of the largest goat populations in northern British Columbia. It is not unusual to see 30 goats in a single day.


You do not have to climb any 10,000-foot mountains to be successful when hunting with Scoop Lake. We have great success because we have experienced guides and lots of goats. 


Canada Moose Hunting

Geographically speaking, the further north you go, the larger the moose get. Scoop Lake Outfitters’ exclusive guide area of 2.5 million acres is located 90 air miles from the Yukon border and 80 air miles from the nearest town or road. Because of this remoteness and the strict game management policies we employ, we are able to produce some of the best trophies available in the Canadian northwest.


Scoop Lake has a well-established hunting area that has consistently produced many record book Canada moose. On average, we harvest one moose for every 100,000 acres and each year many moose qualify for B&C. Our moose average 50-plus inches.


All hunters stay in warm, comfortable cabins with all the amenities. Most of our hunts are on horseback in the mountains.

Permit Requirements: No draws are necessary however the cost of licenses and fees for the moose tag, goat tag, and government royalties will be approximately $1,055

Accommodations: Tent camp or cabin; all meals are included

Travel Details: Travel to Watson Lake, Yukon. Air charter to camp is $2,500

Hunt Dates: October 3-11, 2020. Contact outfitter, there may be flexibility in 2019

Type of Weapon: Rifle

Additional Animals: Yes; contact outfitter for options



Darwin Cary

Scoop Lake Outfitters

5615 Deadpine Dr

Kelowna BC  V1P 1A3





Gunwerks L-1000 custom rifle chambered in 6XC

Donor: Kyle C. Krause

Fair Market Value: $6,900


The Gunwerks L-1000 custom rifle’s purpose is to hone long-range competition accuracy skills at the range. Featuring a carbon-wrapped stainless steel match grade threaded barrel, every aspect of the action and stock focuses on performance.


CALIBER: Developed by David Tubb–who is quite possibly the most accomplished 1,000-yard competitive shooter of modern times–the cartridge delivers consistent match-winning accuracy with 115-grain bullets. Velocity falls between that of traditional 6mm benchrest calibers and those commonly used for hunting, so recoil is mild. 


OPTIC: A Nightforce 5.5-22 x 50 scope (balanced to the rifle) is mounted and ready for the range. For serious long-range shooting, this combination of rifle/optic/caliber borders on the ideal.


AMMUNITION: Included with the rifle are 145 rounds of Gunwerks custom ammunition.


CONDITION: With a documented round count of just 35, the rifle remains in nearly pristine condition and range-ready.


Montana Rifle Company Model 1999 American Legend in 7mm Remington Magnum Topped with a Vortex Scope

Donor: Montana Rifle Company

Fair Market Value: $3,600

We created the American Legends rifle for the avid hunter. This rifle is well-suited for almost every type of North American big game hunting. The ALR is perfect for outdoorsmen seeking big game adventures; it provides consistent, reliable performance through an artfully executed design. The ALR features a AA grade Turkish walnut stock with a raised cheek rest, black ebony tip and grip, a Flats Muzzle Brake, and a classic wrap-around front checkering pattern.


Combining classic lines and proven performance features, the 26-inch chrome moly barrel with a 1/9.5-inch twist is profiled to a sleek "number two" contour; its performance ensured by hand-lapped button rifling and a recessed crown. The action has a Mauser claw extractor for true controlled round feeding and extraction, a three-position wing safety and an adjustable Model 70-type trigger (set for 3 to 3.25 pounds). Important additional features include pillar and glass bedding, and a Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad. A Vortex Viper VHS 4-16x44mm scope rounds out the package.


3-Day South Dakota Pheasant Hunt for 4 Hunters

Donor: Thunderstik Lodge

Fair Market Value: $7,980

Hunting at Rooster Ridge at the historic Thunderstik Lodge is the next best thing to owning your own South Dakota pheasant hunting lodge! Rooster Ridge Lodges are located by the majestic Missouri River, just down the road from our world famous Thunderstik Lodge. We are proud to offer prime South Dakota pheasant hunts on thousands of acres of habitat. Enjoy hearty meals, great company and beautiful sunsets. Hunting doesn't get any better than this. Throughout your trip, your Rooster Ridge guide will serve as your host, delivering superb guided hunts with great dogs and great land, coordinating everything from the time you arrive to the moment you leave to go home. We will do everything possible to make sure your trip to Rooster Ridge Lodge is flawless. Come as a guest, leave as a friend!


Your Trip Includes:

  • 3 days of pheasant hunting

  • 4 nights lodging

  • 4 bird per day limit

  • 7,000-plus acres of private hunting property

  • All meals included

  • Professional guide with the famous Thunderstik dogs

  • Bird processing

  • Pool table 

  • Satellite television

  • WIFI access in the lodge

  • Daily maid service

Not included: Transportation, license, liquor, beverages, 6 percent sales tax and ammunition

Permit Requirements: Purchase hunting licenses on site

Accommodations: Full service lodge; all meals included

Travel Details: Travel to Chamberlain, South Dakota

Hunt Dates: September, 2019 - March 31, 2020

Upgrade Options: Additional hunters $1,995; non-hunters $200 per day. If six or more hunters book, you will get exclusive use of the lodge



Mercy Sells

Gage Outdoor Expeditions

Office: 763-595-5936 x 101

Cell: 619-252-2001




Free-Range Aoudad "Barbary" Sheep Hunt

Donor: Hunter Ross, Desert Safaris

Fair Market Value: $7,000

Indigenous to the Atlas Mountains and Barbary Coast of Northern Africa, aoudad sheep, commonly referred to as Barbary sheep, were introduced into the northern Panhandle and Trans-Pecos mountain regions of Texas in the late 1950's in an effort to establish a new big game hunting opportunity. Aoudad sheep are well adapted as both a browser and grazer to the arid and remote regions of the state. They have since flourished from a few dozen animals during their release period to well over 25,000 free ranging animals in western Texas alone


With over 315,000 acres of private ranches leased exclusively for facilitation of our sheep hunts, we have access to the most elite free range aoudad sheep habitat in Texas to offer our hunting clients. These six free-range ranches are located in Jeff Davis, Presidio and Brewster counties of west Texas and situated in the Chinati and Davis mountain ranges. Hunts are based from well-appointed lodges with all modern amenities located on site in extremely scenic settings. Elevations varying from 4,000 to 7,500 feet make these hunts a true sheep hunter’s delight and possibly one of the best sheep hunting values found on the hunting market today. We have had countless clients who have accomplished the grand slam of North America and have commented that our aoudad sheep hunts rival any of these bighorn species. Free-range aoudad sheep hunting is within grasp of most clients’ budgets, and it gives the gratification of most other regional or international sheep hunts offered in today's hunting environment.


Desert Safaris is a Craig Boddington endorsed outfitter. This hunt includes three days of hunting, four nights of lodging, three meals daily, and field care of your trophy.

Permit Requirements: Texas hunting license

Accommodations: Well-appointed lodges with all modern amenities; all meals included

Travel Details: Fly into Midland or El Paso, Texas. Depending on the sheep hunt location, there is a two to four hour drive from the airport to hunting camp. Airport pickup is not available

Hunt Dates: Fall 2020

Type of Weapon: Rifle only

Additional Animals: Javelina $750, scimitar-horned oryx $5,500



Hunter Ross

Desert Safaris

2935 Thousand Oaks #6-217

San Antonio, TX 78247





5-Day Utah Mountain Lion Hunt

Donor: Doyle Moss, Mossback Guides & Outfitters

Fair Market Value: $6,500

This hunt will take place in the Henry Mountains of eastern Utah. We’ve got the best guides in the business. If you are interested in an experience of a lifetime with some great people then you are at the right place. You will be hunting with dogs. The best time of year is November through February, and hopefully we can schedule it around a snow storm. Permits can be purchased by going online to the Utah DWR website and clicking on cougar harvest objective permit. The hunt is one-on-one and is for a total of five days.

Permit Requirements: License approximately $300

Accommodations: Lodge

Travel Details: Fly into Salt Lake City and travel to Hanksville, Utah

Hunt Dates: 2019, 2020 or 2021

Type of Weapon: Rifle or Bow

Additional Hunter: $6,500

Non Hunter: $150/day


Contact Information:

Doyle Moss





#1 of 1 Custom Mark V .300 Weatherby Magnum Commemorating the Boone and Crockett Club's 30th Big Game Awards Program, With Presentation Grade Leather Case

Donor: Boone and Crockett Club

Fair Market Value: $7,175

An extraordinary rifle, special features include a AA-grade Turkish walnut stock with diamond point checkering, drop box bottom metal, two-panel checkered bolt knob, damascened bolt body and magazine follower, hand-honed action, 26-inch barrel (number three contour), satin blue finish and gold lettering.


Inscribed "Boone and Crockett Club Fair Chase and Conservation Since 1887, 30th Big Game Awards, Springfield, MO, August 3, 2019, 1 of 1". The Grade III engraving pattern includes gold and nickel plated barrel bands and the Boone and Crockett Club logo. A presentation grade leather case is also included.


British Columbia Wolf Hunt (2 Wolves)

Donor: Riley and Amanda Luenberger, Baldy Mountain Outfitters

Fair Market Value: $6,000

Baldy Mountain Outfitters has been family owned and operated since the early 1960s. We are located in the southeast corner of British Columbia; a half hour north of the Montana/British Columbia border and one hour west of the Alberta/ British Columbia border. Your hosts, Riley and Amanda Luenberger, welcome you to over 300 square miles of some of the best big game hunting in the British Columbia Rockies. You will be amazed at the beauty of the country that you will experience with us.


This is a 6-day, one-on-one wolf hunt for 2 wolves in February of 2020 with heated blinds. Home-cooked meals await you after a long day of hunting, and then you can sit, relax and enjoy the comradery of camp life.

Permit Requirements: Outfitter will supply firearm declaration form

Accommodations: Lodge with home cooked meals

Travel Details: Fly into Glacier International Airport, Kalispell, Montana; transportation from the airport is included

Hunt Dates: February 2020

Type of Weapon: Rifle or Bow

Additional Hunter: $6,500


Riley and Amanda Leuenberger

Box 425

Jaffray, BC V0B 1T0